by kris4193

Requirements to qualify for Sponsorship includes social media, magazines, television, press events, motor sports events, etc.
Review the criteria below for sponsorship consideration:

  • 1. Rendering/Photos of the vehicle is mandatory.
  • 2. Must run Axe Wheels logo on our wheels.
  • 3. Pairing Axe Wheels with competitor products will not be tolerated.
  • 4. Full sponsorship (no charge for product, shipping charges may apply)
  • 5. Partial sponsorship (shipping and wholesale pricing may apply)
  • 6. Social Media posts featuring your project build must clearly tag our brands and use the following tags: #axewheels Must post once a week.
  • 7. Proof of event attendance is required with a minimum of 3 events attended • Photos must be provided within one week.
  • 8. Full editorial provided to Axe Wheels to use as needed within 60 days of receiving the product. Subject and final editorial must be approved by Axe Wheels.
  • 9. Availability for a Video shoot at Axe Wheels or one produced by Sponsoree must be provided within 6 months of receiving the products.
  • 10.Photographs once the project build is complete are required within 2 weeks. • Required: Angle Shot, Product Close Ups, Full Vehicle Front, Full Vehicle Side, Full Vehicle Rear • Lifestyle photos (using your vehicle in your everyday life/hobby).
  • 11. Axe Wheels vinyl logos are to be prominently displayed on the vehicle at all times.
  • 12.If vehicle is wrapped, Axe Wheels logo must be prominent.

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    Partial SponsorshipFull Sponsorship

    Social Media

    project vehicle

    current/past exposure

    Images of your Vehicle

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